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Database Management & Development

Database Management & Development

PHP has earned a niche in an open-source scripting language, and MySQL has carved a niche as one of the popular open-source databases.

These two frameworks form the backbone of most database-driven applications, like commercial websites and web applications.

Benefits of PHP and MySQL Web Development

The most prominent benefits that PHP and MySQL web programming offer include:

  • · Being open-source no license required that makes it free
  • · Creates fast loading eCommerce Websites
  • · Promotes highly secured online shopping
  • · Compatible with all browsers and operating systems, along with cross-platform compatibility
  • · Multi-language support
  • · eCommerce sites are easily managed
  • · Highly secure online shopping atmosphere
  • · Built-in libraries for organizing web-based tasks
  • · Simple coding
  • · Portability
  • · Flexibility

Our Core Services of PHP Development are:

We offer PHP Websites that are easy to maintain, high traffic efficient, secure, and fit your business requirements and budget. Our experienced and talented PHP Developers at Cyloroot Business Software are capable of delivering:

  • · B2C, B2B, C2B, and C2C Web Solutions
  • · Shopping Carts
  • · Content Management System
  • · Lead Management System
  • · eCommerce Portals
  • · Product Catalogues
  • · Social Networking Applications
  • · Payment Gateway Integrations

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