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Business Cloud Services

Business Cloud Services

Cyloroot Business Software can help assess your infrastructure, drive efficiencies through optimization and lends agility to your business agility scale. ​ Benefit from our 360-degree infrastructure support coverage, certified associates rendering 24×7 support coverage, ​ and deep OEM partnerships (like Microsoft, AWS, and many more) as part of our Managed Innovation Services​.

Cloud Assessment and Strategy Consulting

  • - Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • - Cloud Architecture and Deployment Solutions
  • - Cost Optimization Assessment
  • - Business Case and TCO Analysis
  • - Platform Optimization Assessment
  • - Cloud Security and Risk Assessment
  • - Migration and Consolidation Assessment

Cloud Integration

Enable hyper-active delivery and integration of various automation tools with reduced human touch support, security required upgrades and migration.

  • - Cloud-to-Cloud
  • - Integrated Monitoring
  • - Tools Integration and Consolidations

Cloud Migration

Transformation with Cloud, while ensuring your business is secure:

  • - ​Hybrid Cloud, Cloud-to-Cloud,
  • - On-Prem to Cloud
  • - Cloud to On-Prem

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